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Inhale, Exhale and Release

PANGEA originates when Earth was ONE ocean, ONE land.                                                                                                       




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I moved to Calgary, Canada in 2012 in search of calling Canada my home.  I left everything I knew behind from Baja, Mexico to embark on a new journey, guided by my inner healer to pursue a path in Energy Work. 

This pursuit led me to obtain a certificate as a Pranic Healer and a Meditation guide. My love of anatomy and physiology were calling me to do more though and that's how I became a Registered Massage Therapist in 2015.

I am a graduate of MaKami College, in Calgary, and a member of the Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association.

The massage room is one place where my mind does not overthink. 

I intuitively work the muscles as I approach them. I enjoy explaining how the muscles work to my clients. My hands instinctively do their magic and my mind escapes into a meditative state.  Seeing the power of positive touch, the re-connection of the body & the mind as one for my clients, is the reason I love what I do.

Over the last 5 years, observing the positive affect of massage therapy and continuing the pursuit of various energetic modalities, I decided to start my own sacred space. I wanted to create a healing space that vibrates a sense of calm & peace as soon as you step into it. Sacred Pangea is very special to me and I hope it will be as special to you. Pangea, when everything is one, is what I wish to bring to the community of Cochrane with my passion for massage, meditation and energy work. 

 If you have ever been on my table, I THANK YOU.

Come and say Hola! I look forward to welcoming you to Sacred Pangea.


RMT 3000hrs

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

-Lao Tzu 


Deliberate strokes with high levels of pressure focusing on the fascia, muscles, tendons,  and other deep tissues. Used to increase endurance and improve performance - A favorites' pick.


A gentle light touch is used to release tension, relax muscles, increase blood flow and lymph circulation, to impart a sense of calm - A lovely time to spend with yourself.


under construction

Coming soon...

Say Hola!

7120 - 50 Fireside Gate

Cochrane, AB T4C 2X1

Tel: 403-981-2114

Thank You From Sacred Pangea

Meaghan B

BEST massage I've had in a long time. Stephanie is so professional and the place is so clean and calm. The location is great, it has a ton of parking space and it is easy to find. I will be back on a regular basis. I cannot recommend this place enough

Green Leaves

Yen C.

Stephanie is simply the BEST massage therapist - compassionate, kind & grounded to say the least. I struggled with postpartum back pain and I always feel restorative after a message session with her! She does go the extra mile in making me feel as though I am her main priority. I feel blessed and grateful to have her as part of my healthcare team. I highly recommend her! =)

Thank YOU Stephanie.

Jen H.

What an incredible experience! Stephanie is absolutely amazing at what she does and is just a beautiful soul. My massage exceeded my expectations by a mile. Perfect amount of pressure and perfect attention to the areas that needed the most work! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!