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Cancellation Policy

This is standard in all healthcare offices. Please respect our time and the time of other patients who want to get in sooner rather than later. If for some reason you can’t make your appointment, kindly give us a minimum of 24 hours notice so we can reschedule a patient who is anxiously waiting. We ask for this courtesy because it’s just the right thing to do. Patients who provide less than 24 hours notice, or no-show, will be charged a cancellation fee of  50% of the treatment booked on the card that is kept on file.

Cancelling before 24 hours

Cancel online by logging into your  profile on our booking system, send us an email or leave a voicemail.

Cancelling with less than 24hr

 A cancellation fee of 50% of your treatment booked will be applied. If you do not reach anyone you can leave a detailed message on our voicemail.

Same day appointments

Please be aware that when booking an appointment on the same day, it is considered set, and if changed, cancelled at any point after it is made, the client is responsible for paying 50% of your treatment booked.

Remember that cancellation fees are in effect to ensure that our therapists are compensated for their time. Please keep in mind that if inadequate notice is given it is extremely difficult to fill vacant spots; this not only negatively impacts our therapists, but also affects our clients. Please be courteous to your therapist and other clients by respecting our policies.

Thank you for your understanding & consideration.

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